Friday, 13 January 2023

Dancing in the rain

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Do we have control over our life? The wheel of fortune is always turning. The goddess Fortuna spins it at random and we might suddenly suffer misfortune, or we might have some luck. We are not in control of that. We do have control over how we react to it. Of course, we need to work through loss and pain. It does help however to have a laugh in difficult times to ease it up a bit. We had some great laughs in between the tears during the earthquakes in Christchurch.
It made it a lot more bearable. 

Dancing in the rain

When the wheel of fortune points to storm
The radiant sun, may still shine
in the blue eyes of a small
or the green eyes of a big friend
which then reflects in mine

When the angry thunder fills the air
Just dare to dance in the rain
With light and tender moves 
Step outside the shadow of sorrow
Tango like there is no tomorrow

When our skies darken
Blend its tears with laugher
There is an opportunity to grow
So pierce the clouds and rise above
and tell the storm to bugger off


  1. Tell the storm to bugger off... Yes, I want it to listen to me..carefully!!! I love the sense of humour in that sign board...

  2. I like to think of the sun as a wheel of fortune and the blend of tears and laughter.

  3. Congratulations on such resilience and positivity! I have experienced an occasional tremor during my life (not for a long time now); I think a full on quake like you had would be incredibly scary.

  4. You need to come here to the U.S. as we have had a really run of bad weather. A nice write of courage through the rough.
    I hope haven't had more earthquakes since the one around 2010, have you? Things were pretty tough back then when we were there. I remember the Fletcher, I'm one eighth Fletcher, my grandmother was a full one, was rebuilding the hospital. And the stores doing business using the big shipping crates for stores. Also we liked the, U.S. I think, training and readiness installation for Antarctic operations. I saw my first penguin there and got to ride in an artic snow train.

  5. Ha I like telling the storm to bugger off !

  6. I've only been through one very minor quake, and that was good enough for me! I hope the rebuilding process goes smoothly for everyone affected by it.

  7. A good one and good advice too.

  8. "Dare to dance in the rain"...I'm glad youall survived the earthquakes.

  9. Very uplifting piece, Marja. Glad you are well.

  10. You have the right attitude. As you say, “When the wheel of fortune points to storm
    The radiant sun, may still shine…” That’s right, let’s look at the sun; it takes the stress away.


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