Friday 29 September 2023

Our Home

 Rosemary from Poets and Storytellers United asked what home feels like

Marja Blom

Our Home

Our home is built with hope
weatherboard onto weatherboard
It is a sturdy kind of hope
like the one you need after earthquakes

Our home is filled with dreams
Some are gone, became real
Unvoiced lofty dreams still hang
like wispy clouds above us

Our home has cracks in the walls
the storm of life has entered there
We sift love through holes in hearts
Melt it to mend the broken bits.

Our home, lingering echoes
of magical memories like children's
chortles, and 'cheers' or
'proost' as we mostly speak Dutch

Our home, a bunch of people 
Trying to sing our best song 
We often sing off-key
but we enjoy our choir together


  1. Hi Marja - a long-standing home will acquire the cracks of life - as we all do ... your poem brings the time span of life to the fore ... lots to think about - cheers Hilary

  2. The cracks and cheers and the off-key singing in a choir together... you've put together that perfect image of time and relationships. Memories and lives are a lot like that.

  3. What a great poem and a peaceful looking house.

  4. In these beautifully woven words, you've captured all the homes where hope stays sturdy and dreams wisp.

  5. How true, home is people more than the cracked walls. We're all great for singing in my family and nobody cares if someone's off key. Thanks!

  6. This makes me feel sad that my home place was taken by eminent domain and burned to the ground to make way for a sewage plant in our town. I love the rhythm here and the line about trying to sing our best song... off key and chorus.

  7. Lovely, Marja! I don't dare try poetry ;)

  8. "We sift love through holes in hearts
    Melt it to mend the broken bits"
    What power lies within these lines! A most enjoyable read, altogether. :-)

  9. I love all that you say. Also, from the outside your home is very attractive to look at.

  10. I hope your 'earthquake' wasn't as violent as the one that messed real bad with Christchurch. Did you live in a 'container' afterwards if you had that bad event? Mine turned out maybe for the best, not to rebuild; we had married so very young. Now our 'home' has held sturdy now for 50 years.

  11. That's very nice. I liked it very much. I had to peek over at your bio to see where you lived. I grew up in California and am very familiar with cracked ceiling from earthquakes. We just didn't bother to try to repair them well, they come back!

  12. Love the poem and we loved staying in your home.

  13. I love your home Marja and the way you have described it. I have been fortunate enough to stay with you several times and hope to again in the near future.
    Namaste my friend.
    Peggy xxx

    1. Thanks. We would love to have you here again Namaste

  14. 'Our home has cracks in the walls
    the storm of life has entered there
    We sift love through holes in hearts
    Melt it to mend the broken bits."

    And when the broken bits are mended, home is love. Beautiful poem, Marja!


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