Friday 22 September 2023




When I am tangled into strings of struggle
When I ask and answers are concealed
I remember that pearls unfold
in the quiet shelter of a shell

I sit back and time turns into vapour
my mind becomes a river
which flows through my veins
It glitters like rain in golden light
I dive into this pool of creation
Go down, deeper and deeper 
into the ocean of the universe
emerge with the crest of a wave

I caught a glimmer of this timeless world
Does wisdom and wonder reside here?
I add frosted jewels to my truth from
this whirlpool full of mermaid tears


  1. I love "time turns to vapour".... it speaks perfectly of the mist in which one searches for wisdom and wonder...

  2. Oh, how beautiful! And beautiful photo too.

  3. Hi Marja - this is lovely ... 'I remember that pearls unfold
    in the quiet shelter of a shell' - a wonderful metaphor ... our thoughts often sheltered ... lovely to read - cheers Hilary

  4. There is a deep wonderment in your words that expresses beautifully the fleeting nature of hidden knowledge when it suddenly appears.

  5. I love going down into the ocean of the universe. Time is such a mystery and on some level doesn't even exist. It helps us remember and keep track to keep this consensus reality that is 99% empty space (according to quantum physics) together.

  6. Your lovely poem is a timeless reminder ~~~~

  7. I love "this whirlpool full of mermaid tears"! Great line

  8. Who know where the time goes? I like your answer, "I caught a glimmer of this timeless world" where time doesn't matter.

  9. I really love this ode to introspection. Time alone to go deep really is a treasure.

  10. mermaid tears, great images throughout!

  11. Wisdom and wonder need no excuse to slow down time for creative artists of all kinds...

  12. A truly beautiful metaphor Marja. Wisdom and wonder certainly resides in your world my friend.
    Here's a tree that only I knew, its roots deep in my heart it grew, a symbol of my hidden truth, a friend that saw me through my youth.

    Peggy xxx

  13. P.S. I had to come back to read a second time, because the first go felt like we had been reading each the other's mind, to such an extent that it was a little creepy! LOL ♥ (but only in a nice way!)

  14. I like the lines go down deeper.....emerge....wave... .this is exquisite,... how we come out of our depths

  15. Well, that's a good way to lose track of time!

  16. Time, truth, wisdom and wonder -
    Timeless & can't steal the thunder


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