Saturday 11 November 2023

I walk in wonderland

I walk in wonderland

In the morning when
the shadow shifts
I turn my gaze towards the
illuminated sky dressed in rags

The clouds move forwards
pushed by the wind to make space
for the song of the korimako who
enchants with his chiming melody

The tree branches move in peace
which has become a luxery
We need to live it, to enable us to give it
and slowly the summer will start again

My steps are light as
I walk around the land
with hardened lava rocks
I leave them behind

A glimmer of hope grows
on the slope of the hills
It tastes like the sweat
soft flesh of a strawberry


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderland. Oh I do enjoy strawberries.

  2. What a lovely poem, filled with the beauty of your place in the world. I am thrilled to hear of the korimako, whom I did not know about till now. Your light steps, the glimmer of hope - this is the gift Mother Nature gives - for she is all about life. So happy you found us at What's Going On? A prompt every Wednesday. I think we all walk in wonderland, when we really look around us, and notice how beautiful the earth is. I so love your poem.

  3. Um, like a strawberry. Great image. Finding the luxury of peace is a blessing. Fine poem.

  4. You do live in a wonderland Marja. Beautiful poem my friend. Big hugs Peggy xxx

  5. Ha, I had to look for 'korimako', the bellbird. I so love it when poets give some space to birds. Nothing like nature. And the last stanza was super delicious. Smiles.

  6. I love the shadow shift in the opening stanza, Marja, and the ‘illuminated sky dressed in rags’, a fine way to describe the morning sky, and what a place to walk, ‘around the land / with hardened lava rocks’.

  7. Beautiful poem! "A glimmer of hope grows on the slope of the hills." Keeping that glimmer alive. (I liked your picture too!)

  8. Ahhh what a fabulous walk and your last stanza is killer... that glimmer of hope juxtaposed with sweat and strawberry. Beautiful piece.

  9. Light steps are a blessing. The song of the korimako and hope growing on the slope of the hill - make for a wonderful morning walk!

  10. Dear Marja,
    that sounds like a very poetic walk into summertime! :-) You're right, we have to live peace in order to be able to give it and maybe also to get it.
    I hope you're doing well - and I also hope my email reached you! (If not - or if you don't find it in the spam folder - I'll be happy to send it to you again).
    Hugs and all the best from Austria, Traude

  11. Dear Marja, I sent my message to you again - to both email addresses - and I hope it works now. By the way, I noticed that my comment isn't visible here either - but at least you got it. I assume that if not the email, then at least my comment is in the spam folder ;-)


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