Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Escher "Day and Night"
Sorry I am not back completely. I just had an experience I want to share. I had to write today after sitting on top of the hill, looking over Christchurch, thinking about what happened a few days ago. I went out of my bed at night and fainted to be woken up a long time later covered with bruises. Today on the hill I realised how quickly our light can be turned of, just like that and it scared me. The doctor said I might have had a fit. So silly me wanted to know as well if I could still write.
Fainting by marja blom
I sit on top of the hill
dwelling between the world
and eternity, staring at
mountain tops dotted
with milky spots
They peak over a haze
draped above a tapestry
of human settlement
I am above the world, not part of it
Not part of it ,echoes my mind
thinking of the other night
which blackened before my eyes
and invisible arms pulled me
towards the floor
entangling me and painting me with bruises
Fear crunches my heart
as I stare into eternity
I am not part of you
I whisper sternly to the sky
and I stand up to
walk and write
I stand up to be
part of the world again
I look forward to see you next week Keep safe, Marja


  1. Oh god--That can be scary.Yep--you can write again--and beautifully too.Very often we fail to realis what we have till we come close to losing it.Take care and come back after your hiatus.

  2. Marja,this is very nice

  3. I know these drawings of Escher very well. I have them all in a book which I bought in the early sixties.

    That was a frightening experience I believe. Fainting and William not around to help you? That must have been very scary.

    Wonderful, how you used the words to express your feelings. I have read your poems, mentioned in the side bar, and all I can say is "You are a very good and sensitive writer Marja.

    Tot de volgende keer wanneer je weer terug bent :-)

  4. I hope you are much better. What a shock it must have been.

  5. See me later?????
    Ya mean hear from me later.
    Must have been a terrible experience.
    Stay healthy and lay off the Lion Red!


  6. Take care of yourself Marja.


  7. Thanks PS yeh and the good thing is after realising it you don't take it so much for granted anymore

    Thanks Kato and welcome

    I love Escher Nice that you have them in a book. I had a poster of it years ago.
    William did hear a bang but thought just something fell, not knowing that something was me.
    I feel flattered that you took the time to read my poems and like them. Thanks

    Yeh was quite scary LGS to wake up and realising that you were unconcious

    Steve I can't hear you but I can see your writing. Must have the last word on this. when I have lion red I'll save it for you.

  8. What a strange experience. thanks for sharing it with us.

    I have a jig-saw of that Escher painting. Probably the most difficult one I've ever attempted!

  9. I too love Escher's work. His waterfall is also very famous. Take care of yourself Marja.

  10. Marja, Oh yes, you can still write. This is a great poem. Although, I do hope you'll be alright. Be sure to take good care of yourself, and stay in touch. :))


  11. That sounds like a frightening experience! Hope everything gets sorted. You obviously haven't lost your touch with the pen (computer). Wonderful poem. Take care of yourself!

  12. Hi Marja,
    First I thank you for your nominaton, thats very sweet of you, and ESHER! wow I just saw his exibition in THE HAGUE, last november, that so impressive! Your poems are also very well, beautifully combined with the ESCHER .

    I Invite you to look+listen(music) at my PARIS slide show:) This show is giving you a small idea of the French food-drinking-habits . Be welcome:)

    Bye JoAnn

  13. Well, you definitely answered that questions.....YOU CAN STILL WRITE. Please, take care.

  14. Keith Thanks I bet it is a difficult puzzle

    Thanks Wynn yeh and you do you know he is dutch

    Thanks so much Ann I know now that it was just a faint all good

    Hi tara thanks a lot my pen means a lot to me

    Oh that must have been wonderful Joann and I certainly have a look. Paris is my favorite city

    Hi Annette Thanks

    You too Mel thank you

  15. A poem to awaken one's own mind to the realities of life and the uncertainty there of.

    Please do take care.

  16. Hi Marja,

    Such a strange experience but a wonderful poem you wrote here.
    Seems I missed a lot of postings of you; I didn't know you were back until I saw your posting in my blog.
    Great to see you back; I missed you

  17. very beautiful poem! and I absolutely adore Escher!
    I'm glad you could understand my translator. I know it's not perfect, but it saves me a lot of timo, that I don't have lately!
    big kiss from Portugal! :)


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