Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I am gone for two weeks

From tomorrow I'll be not on my blog. I take two weeks off. I am catching up with friends and lots of other stuff. See you all in the beginning of december again. Keep smiling.
Love Marja


  1. I love your new picture =) and thank you SOOO much for my award !!! I will add to my space - also - have a wonderful trip and see you soon !!!

  2. See you when you get back, Marja.Have a good time.I'd love to meet you in person someday.Who knows--may be we will.

  3. Enjoy your break! Blogging sometimes feels like a full time job. It is nice to take a break every now and then. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Have a nice time and enjoy your break! I hope to hear from you in december again!

  5. Have a nice time, Marja. You've earned it.
    Remember 'Blogging without Obligation'!

  6. Have a great trip Marja. Enjoy your time with friends for they are worth more than all the gold and silver in the world.

  7. Hi Majra
    wishing you a nice blog holiday.
    Pls come back soon

  8. Have a wonderful time during the break and thank you so much for your Friendship Award. I'll put it somewhere on my blog :-)
    CU again in December.

  9. I'm going to miss you but I do hope you have a great holiday and come back refreshed. Knowing me I'll probably check in every day anyway.

  10. Marvelous...........2 weeks time I won't be here I gotta wait 4 weeks.......Geeez ya a hard woamn Marja!

  11. Marja, Have a nice rest and a good time. I'll see you in December.


  12. Marja

    Have a great break. I'd sometimes feel like getting away from my computer but I worry that when I come back people will have forgotten me!

  13. Have a wonderful time with your friends Marja!

    Thank you for your sweet gesture!


  14. Enjoy the time away and look forward to catching up again in early December...

  15. Hi Marja! I hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks! I will miss you -- and will check back often to see if you come back early. I also love the new picture of you on the side of your blog -- so pretty!

  16. Missing you kiddo!! Hope you are having fun!!!

  17. When you get back I have something for you.

  18. Hope you are enjoying your time away. We will miss you x

  19. just sneaking in quickly. Already miss you but get having a good time

    see you soon

    PS You are always welcome. If you ever come to NZ I will show you my city

    Herb it's great to have a break but hard too

    Thanks Yoga and welcome

    Steffi I'll be back

    That's the one dickiebo

    Thanks shari. Already met one and we had a nice lunch

    Thanks I will Deepak

    Thanks Herman till soon

    I will I am going to walk a lot of tracks Wynn

    Guess I am a hard woamm steve. You have a good time too

    Thanks Ann

    How can one forget you and your bird Keith

    Thanks thinking aloud

    Always love your smiles Ambre

    That's sweet Mel

    For sure Peter

    Here I am Clare but just for a tiny time. Still busy

    Yep I do missy thanks

    Surprise I look forward to it Mel

    Thanks KB You have to keep NZ up now



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