Monday, 26 May 2008

Halswell Quarry


It is cold and wet or in other words, it is winter. We are not walking a lot at the moment. Yes Bob and Rob I am a city dweller and a wuzz, I don't like walking in the rain. I like dancing in the rain though. Anyway in between the showers I go a couple of times a week to the Quarry for a walk. It is not far from us and it is a beautiful park.

An overview of a part of the Quarry. The stone quarry was in use for 140 years and was closed in 1990. In 2001 the sister city gardens were opened. In several different areas plants native to
these cities were planted.

The part you look at here is the New Zealand native garden. The water is very popular with ducks.

This cactus is not native at all. He was planted 35 years ago by William. How do I know. He is my husband and was born and lived on top of the quarry. A path goes now through the part were than his back garden was. William lived close to Mr Hamilton, the inventor of the Hamilton jet.

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A look from the track on the quarry. In the front a very common tree, the cabbage tree. The name ‘cabbage tree' came from Captain Cook and his sailors, who ate the shoots to prevent scurvy. The Maori's used the leaves to make baskets, sandels. ropes and other items.

So this is were I hang out a lot and you will see more pictures of it in the future.


  1. Very nice post, Marja, Very nice.
    Nice colors and nice pictures.
    have a nice day

  2. A nice little travelogue piece, Marja. Thank goodness they are beautifying it, after making it so ugly for so long.

  3. That's what I miss most since my health took a turn for the worst ....walking. I love walking in the rain.

  4. Hey dear Marja,
    Thanks for your swwet words (dog)
    Hierbij zend ik je wat warme en zonnige groeten uit Nederland!!!
    I'll send you herby ,Sunny and warm greetings from Holland!!!


  5. hello dear Marja! just came with little time to see how you're doing. wish you all the best! :)
    big kiss from Portugal! :)

  6. So you live in Christchurch. The Halswell quarry sound one of those neat places to spend time thinking.

    I will be back in Christchurch in July August to visit my family so I will say hi when I am there.

    You don't have to like walking, dancing in the rain sounds much better. Take care.


  7. Amazing the beauty of the nature. You are saying that it is winter but I see a blue sky; so you will have probably nice weather.
    I also don't like the cold.

    Maybe better to come to Europe now and to stay in New Zealand during our winter.

    I wanted that I could do the same.

    Prachtige foto's, Marja. Jij hebt alles wat je maar kan verlangen, alleen mis je nu misschien het goede weer alhoewel dit hier ook zo dikwijls verandert. De temperatuur is goed maar altijd kans op regen en donder.

  8. Wonderful pictures of your fantastic nature in New Zealand,Marja!Your winter looks much better as ours here in Europe.But I am sure you know what I mean!

  9. Hi Marja, how nice to see where you live.

    Mooie plaatjes, en die geven een goede indruk van waar jij zoal rondloopt.
    Ik ben even op "stil" gegaan vanwege een sterfgeval in de familie, maar binnenkort ben ik weer op mijn weblog hoor.

  10. Kia ora Marja,
    Very cool! It is nice to have a special place to hang out in Nature.
    Kia ora!

  11. every two years I am in christchurch and every time I see how the quarry-park is getting more and more beautifull. I love two walk with you over the quarry because of the nice fiew from up there. I will visit the park again in december. see you then.


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