Sunday, 1 June 2008


There are several versions going around of this meme and this one was offered at Jen's Humble opinion

What were you doing 10 years ago?
We just bought our first house in NZ. It was such a bliss to get our own stuff out of the container and not living out of suitcases anymore. We still live here.

Name the places were you have lived

1. Wijchen, the Netherlands
Above the castle of Wijchen which was close to our house. We spent as kids a lot of time playing in the gardens around te castle. I am also married in this castle.
2. Leuth, the Netherlands
William and I bought our first house in this little town close to the German border.
3. Christchurch New Zealand

What are the 5 to do things on your list ?

1. Finish my assignment for the childrens home
2. Calling my mum and my friend
3. Planning our trip for next summer when my brother comes over
4. Going for coffee soon at a Dutch womans place who has lived in Wijchen as well.
5. Calling the internet provider again because the wireless phone still doesn't work

Name the jobs you have had?

1. Selling clothes (at my parents shop)
2. Administrative assistant. At a car dealer and at a big franchise company. The last one was a lot of fun. It was a client from my first boss and he asked me one day to come over for an interview. During the interview he showed me around his garden and told me which patch of land was my responsibility. I asked him if I had to bring a watering can. I thought it was all a joke but the next day I had a contract in my letterbox.
3. Secretary at the same Franchiser.
4. Caregiver for Barnardos I just lived in NZ and had littlies myself. Part time ( pt)
5. Reliever at pre schools (pt)
6. Caregiver in a childrens home (current job, pt)
7. Supervisor at a computer centre (current job, pt)

Name some of the things you would do if you were a biljonaire?
Spending money on my kids for study and their future. Travelling and going often to Holland. Do some study, buy a little house with a porch close to the beach. The house would have a room full of books, were I could write, with big patio doors opening towards a beautiful garden. Lots of it would go to charity and I would buy a few more children's homes as the one I work in.

If you want to do this meme just take it.


  1. Hallo Marja,
    Mooie post over Wijchen en dgane te doen, de mijne zijn:
    -1- tas inpakken voor ziekenhuis opname
    -2- blogvrienden schrijven dat ik wegga
    -3- haar wassen ,(kan na opname niet met 1 arm)
    -4- kleding wassen,
    -5- bed verschonen,

    Jou nog even gedag zeggen.. want ik zal een een (kort) tijdje niet op blog posten (wel lezen!) vanwege een zknhs-opname, dus dag en tot ik weer kan bloggen.(liesft zsm!).. denk je aan me:)

    Groet van JoAnn

  2. 2 jobs and kinds must be really taxing....

  3. Oh lieve Joan ik hoop dat alles ok is, nee dus maar dat de operatie niet te zwaar is. Ik wens je alle sterkte, hou je goed en ik blijf langskomen om te kijken hoe het gaat. Sterkte

    Oh no rambler I work only one day on the centre and 2 days in the other. Than I start at 2pm so in the evening I just miss TV. De kids are getting more and more independent

  4. I enjoyed this posting very much. It is a great means of understanding people.

    Your gift arrrived at my daughter's house in Ch Ch. She says it is very beautiful: "a real treasure" she said. I will be in Ch Ch about 17 July for 3 weeks hopefully.



  5. This is a nice posting which allows us to know you better. That castle in Netherlands looks magical.

  6. Loooks like we would do similar things if we were rich.

  7. Tjanks your daughter is nice. It is just a simple treasure. Look forward seeing you

    LGS it is magical We have many great casltles

    Ah we might meet each other in the plane than Karen

  8. ahh..tags, always interesting to read about them as it gives a peek into the person's life, how interesting and tks for sharing :)

  9. Nicely done :) U seem to be a very kind and loving soul.



  10. This is such an interesting glimpse into your life.
    I would love to visit Holland again.
    i haven't been there for more than 30 years.
    The things you would do if you were a billionaire sound WONDERFUL.
    I'm so glad you enjoy New Zealand.
    Much less stressful than America or Europe nowadays.
    All best wishes from

  11. Marja, thanks for your always nice visits and kind words.
    All is well with me, just stuck in a whole lot of work which is really nasty because we work like hell and get paid not that much ...
    I also found quite interesting this post and specially that part where someone showed you the patch of land that you would have to care. It was a very interesting question and you gave the perfect answer.

  12. Hi Marja. What lovely replies. Your caring nature shines through. I feel I now you little more now too. Thank you for an interesting post.

  13. You are soo cute to your children and very careful to i correct?

  14. Hi Elizabeth. Nice to see you. Yes that's why we choose to live here Less stress indeed.

    Thanks Quintino Happy you are all right. Yes interesting and my boss was a little silly though as well.

    Thanks Keith I am working on it

    Raghu I always was very involved in their lives. Especially my son because he has learning disabilities so that was hard work.
    I enjoy it a lot though and I am not always careful no I can be though with them

  15. Wow..Marja that was really interesting to read about you!Great list!It´s right you lived in a castle?That must be really romantic and so many rooms!

    Have a nice day!

  16. Oh no Steffi no way. It was just near our house. It would have been lovely though


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