Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I am sick Got some kind of bug . Already went to the doc Starts to get better. Walk around a bit wobbly. Just rapport on the lovely BBQ we had on Sunday
We had a lovely time with Steve and his mother in law. His wife Sharon and her friend came later because Sharon had to stay back in the motel. The poor thing was sick as well but I am happy I got to meet her. She is lovely I didn't get to talk to Steve that long because we all hang to the lips of his mother in law. She is the best storyteller ever. I still have vivid images in my mind of her travels to Africa. On the photo William is making pictures, of Mayke and Steve for his blog. We all got a turn . This entertaining man even made pictures of our vegiegarden. We stil had a good catch up and he is really the man he is as on his blog. Very gentle and generous. We were happy to have him and his family. I go back under the wool and hope to visit you all soon.


  1. Sorry Marja dat ik zo lang heb gewacht met een commentaartje te schrijven. Geloof me, ik heb al je berichten gelezen en vind al de foto's geweldig. Soms moet ik ook mijn tijd een beetje verdelen nu was het een onderwerp voor mijn blog waar veel tijd in ging zitten en.... ik ben niet meer zo mobiel als vroeger, stijve spieren en adem tekort. :-). Nu ben jij dus eerst weer aan de beurt.

    Ik kijk steeds op de laatste foto naar dat prachtige haar van Maaike. Wat een mooie dochter heb je. :-)

    Naar ik hoop dat je weer snel beter bent, want van een virus kun je behoorlijk ziek zijn. Tot gauw weer hoor.

  2. Hope that you are feeling better. Looks so nice and warm. Glad you had a nice visit!

  3. Ik hoop dat je gauw beter wordt. Hier zijn ook veel griep patienten. Fijn dat jullie gezellig familiebezoek hadden.Take care. Be better soon.

  4. Sorry your feeling under the weather, Marja. Still you got a nice picture at the BBQ. Did you get to eats anything?

  5. OH Ya feeling under the weather huh?
    Maybe one or two wines perhaps?

    Thank you and ya family for making us feel very very welcome.....

    Lots of love from the ole Whitesnake and company.....

  6. Poor Marja, hope you'll get much better later, sending big hugs to you.

  7. Hi Marja

    So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope for you a speedy recovery. Like there is something in the air, I'm not at all feeling too well myself. I think I have a touch of the flu. I think this part of the island has moved away from being tropical to subtropical. The cold blast from North America has been playing with our shores for weeks now. Flu becomes a common occurrence.

    However, I'm glad that the BBQ turned out great as you expected. Thank you for sharing that moment on the blog.


  8. hope you're feeling better Marja. My family is fighting various flu bugs around here too...

  9. Thanks all for your well wishes It has helped I stil am very tired but that wil change around with time

  10. I hope you feel soon better,dear Marja!
    Very nice picture of your BBQ!


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