Saturday, 21 February 2009

Let's party

Time for some rambling. It is saturday morning. Soon I have to peel the potatoes for the Dutch salad (huzarensalade) for a party tomorrow, because in the afternoon I have to work. On Sunday we have some special visitors. My friend Steve from bloggingland is in town with his tribe and is coming along for a BBQ. Not really the weather for it but being Dutch and used to a raindrop or two we will have a solution for that.
We simply eat it inside and the advantage is they can drop everything on the floor because we had to rip the carpet out. We had some unwelcome guests, named bora (woodworm) who are knibbling at the weatherboards. William had to put new boards in, put some pest control in the floor and will cover the lounge up later with some beautiful laminate.
On wednesday I am invited for a special lunch, organised by my boss because I am leaving the childrens home end of the month. I work there only 1 1/2 days a week and my other boss wants me to work more. The other place is a computer centre. It is a non-profit organisation who's aim it is to bridge the digital divide. Children and people with disabilities in the community who have no computer, have free access to the internet and everybody can use the computers without charge There are free computer courses and much more. I happen to like computers and meet the most amazing people at my work.
The people in the home are a bit like family so I will still do some relieving there and it is going to be my coffee place.
Another exciting thing is that I started a course; writing for children. I love it and our first assignment is to write a picture book. Very difficult though. This is something I always wanted to do but never dared too. It is still scary because al lot of the other people in the class are very literate and master the english language very well. I tell myself even if I am not that good I still have great fun.
Lots of good things on my road. May your road be paved with many delights as well and Let's party.
Aroha Marja


  1. I've been wanting to take a local writing course myself but can't find the time.
    As for partying, I'm ready for a good one on the beach. Trying to arrange one with my family on the coast of South Carolina.

  2. Anything that has the word 'party' in it sounds extremely good to me :D

  3. Kia ora Marja,
    You have a lot happening, most of which reads exciting and cool - except for the wood borer! I wish we could have caught up when I was down there, that potato salad must be beautiful. Have a fantastic weekend.

  4. Hi friend.. Interesting post.. keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. take care mate.. Cheers!!!

  5. Sounds like your life is very full at the moment.

    I think you will be amazing at writing children's stories. You certainly have a lot of experience with kids to draw from.

  6. That sounds good beach bum A party on the beach

    M.kate we give one for you when you come along

    I am sure we will catch up one day Robb

    Welcome goldensparks I will visit

    Thanks a lot dear gypsy Yes that is an advantage. i have met so many interesting characters

  7. popped over here from Rainbow dreams. I enjoyed reading about what lies ahead for you in the days to come. It was as if I could hear your voice in your words. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself with your words. Blessings to you. I will come back soon for another good read.

  8. I bet you are going to be a good writer! Your English is very good. For children you need simple language and short sentences in the presnt tense. Are you going to post your stories here on Blogger?
    Have a nice week.

  9. Your party sounds really good!I wish I could come to you too!

  10. Hi Marja

    You are very organized. I hope everyone had an enjoyable time at the party. Really I know they would with you being the hostess, all would be well.

    Much welcomed news concerning your prospects of writing a children's picture book. You do have a wealth of experience around kids and that is a great plus. You have the ability too to write poems for kids with pictures. The picture inspired poem you wrote recently has demonstrated your flair for writing for kids. So please take the bull by the horn and go for it. You can do it. The main concern about writing for kids is always keep the vocabulary suitable for the age-group being considered. Continue to listen to the kids on how they talk with other kids; that should provide clues vacabulary wise and inspiration too. I shall be waiting for a peep into the project when completed.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts so well.


  11. Wat leuk..lekker druk maar gezellig.
    Have a wonderful weekend Marja:)

  12. Huzarensalade!!! I haven't had that for years!

    I also make that myself when it's warm but the last two summers have been rained away. Hopefully this one.

    You are pretty busy and good luck with the writing course.

  13. hey please do share your assignment..

  14. I would love to try your potato salad. I also wish I could visit Chch again. I dreamt I met 2 bloggers in my dreams last night!
    Good luck with your writing!

  15. You have such a beautiful blog...


  16. I look forward to reading the children's book.

  17. Hey Marja! I'd love to have some of your recipes. Dutch potato salad? Please post them!


  18. Hi Marja,
    I sure hope that your unday was OK and alo the Huzarensalade, Nice reading about your interest's

    Happy weekewishes from your Dutch nlogfriend JoAnn/Holland

  19. Welcome much to ponder. Thanks you for your lovely comment I wil visit you too

    Hi Wil Thanks so much for the encouragement. The stories wil be quite long I think about posting them on a separate site but being busy the next time that wil take a while before it is done

  20. Maybe one day Steffi I would love to meet you

    Oh Paterika you are such a lovely lady. Thanks so much for your encouragement and advice. it means a lot to me.
    I I said one day, probably in winter I wil post it on a separate site.

  21. Thanks Dutches It was good

    Oh I love huzarensalade Monique I must admit the NZ landers are not so fond of it as the Dutch

    I will one day Rambler

    Oh Meggie maybe I am one of them

    Welcome Cyrus Rumi and thanks

    Molly I hope so Thanks

    Oh I am not a great Cook Poetikat My husband is the cook. The salade is very easy to make

    Hi Joan nice to see you I will visit you soon I noticed that somehow your link dissappeared so I haven't visited you for a while
    I will restore it


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