Tuesday, 17 February 2009

East Coast

On our drive from Catlins to Oemaru,where our last stay was, we stopped several times. Our first stop was for morning tea in Dunedin. Dunedin is the second biggest city, situated on the East coast of the South Island and was a Scottish settlement. I experienced that when I had an LD conference in Dunedin years ago. At dinner people in kilts came, bringing the haggis, a Scottish dish. This time our cultural experience was very different. The Chinese also made a big contribution to the history of Dunedin.
We parked our car next to this Arch. After our coffee we had a closer inspection and discovered that is was a gateway to the Chinese gardens. There is less than a handful of them outside China.
A pavillion in the middle of a lake
An overview On the right you can just see the tea house
After Dunedin we stopped at Shag point where there is a big seal colonie, pinguins, shags and this seagull and her chicks.
A seal is lying on the rocks basking in the sun Big brown eyes are looking at the young ones who have fun They topsy turvy tumble Diving deep to catch a meal than zoom up above the water It's so good to be a seal
Our last stop was at the Mouraki boulders. Wouldn't they be nice pebbles for your garden.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place. Thanks so much for sharing! Those two big rocks in the surf, are they natural or were they somehow man made. Very curious, how nature is.

  2. Ah, the Mouraki Boulders! They are very interesting and I tried to understand how they were formed thousands of years ago. I also liked the photos of the seals and your poem about them.Thank you for your story.

  3. Dear Marja

    I was born in Dunedin so all the places you mention such as Moeraki, Shag Point etc., are homeplaces to me. I enjoyed the photos and the article. Thanks also for the award.


  4. it sounds like fun...those chines gateway is very beautiful and great in architecture..i enjoyed reading your post...
    thanks for sharing such a wonderful experiance

  5. I loved our visit to the Moeraki boulders- so mysterious. We never did get to Dunedin, & I so wanted to see it. Love the Chinese garden pic.

  6. You'd swear you were in China in those first few pics. Just lovely.

    It looks and sounds as if your brother and family had a wonderful holiday.

  7. Yes Mark they are beauties of nature I put a link up for you if you want to know more about it

    Thanks wil I love seals As you know there are many colonies in NZ

    For your information dear Steve a shag is a bird

    Didn't know you were from Duniden Bob I love dunedin

    Thanks Femin it was a gorgeous place

    Maybe one day Meggie you come and visit and than you can see Dunedin

    Yeh it was also nice in the museum garden you could drink chinese tea from chinese cups That made it even more real

  8. The Mouraki boulders are interesting, quite astounding to see them all on the beach, I like the pic with the sea around them.
    The Chinese Garden looks like something I would really enjoy strolling around, very peaceful.
    You had a great trip around the lower South.
    Funny thing, I had never seen baby Gull chicks before.

  9. Dunedin looks like a really neat place. Think I'd like to visit it.

  10. what a wonderful place - so beautiful, thankyou for the photos - what an interesting mix of influences

  11. Wonderful pictuures,Marja!So beautiful!!!

  12. Hi Marja

    I found much pleasure in reading this informative blog. The pictures are exquisite and culturally penetrating. Shag Point is very picturesque. Oh, I would love to put my hands on some of those bolders, a tiny one, of course.

    Your picture inspired poem is very well done. Great poem, very suitable for introducing poetry to kids as well. I do hope you are considering publishing your own poetry book.

    Thank you very much for sharing your joys of your recent holiday trip.



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