Monday, 31 May 2010

Not deep enough, not enough explanation

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I have made a mistake. One that I made often when I was young. Because of my dysnomia (word retrieval problems) language doesn't come easy to me. When I was young I couldn't keep up with all the girls talking so quickly. That means I missed a lot of information. Even now I have to put the teletext underneath the TV images, otherwise I miss to much. Because talking isn't an automatic process for me it requires a lot of effort
I often don't say enough. In my writing the same, even though paper is patient.
In the past for example I got some points taken of papers at school because what I said wasn't wrong but I should have extended on things to make it more clear.

In the last two posts I got reminded again that I should expand or give an introduction so that people understand the message. I know that everybody has a different perception of things and we can't please everybody as was a conclusion on Elisabeth's blog, but I do feel a responsibility to get it right otherwise a message doesn't make sense as nobody gets it and a poem misses the point. Therefore I wrote and added 2 introductions. To late for some bloggers but if other people visit it than at least for them I made it clear.
Makes me think if a poem misses the point is it than necessarily a bad poem?


  1. Kia ora Marja,
    I think, most of the time, that brevity, and writing something in as few words as possible is the best way. Abraham Lincoln did as well. It also has to do a lot with how well we out here Listen, or as it were read. I commend you for sharing so much, and overcoming your difficulty. You are an inspiration. As to poetry, if it impacts someone in any way, even if it is completely different than what the author may have intended, then how can that not be a good thing? I find that interesting with songs as well, a lot of people spend years trying to figure out what a Bob Dylan, or a Van Morrison meant by this lyric or that lyric, when the real meaning comes from within us, what it means to ourselves. Kia kaha Marja.

  2. Thank you Robb for your kind words.
    makes me feel good. I understand what you are saying but being a teacher at heart as well
    I would love it when people get something out of it.
    I for example got a lot of insight from reading quotes.
    Aroha Robb Hope you are healing well.

  3. So, as usual, I was sent running to Google since I had not heard of dysnomia. Interesting problem and frankly, I think you have adapted to it very well.

    Robb has it right. Keep writing as you do. We have no control over how others receive our poetry nor what they perceive it to mean. I'm consistantly surprised at some of the meanings ascribed to my work.

    Your writing is short, clear, carefully thought out, and sends the message. I'm definitely a fan of the less-is-more school of writing. Give me Hemingway over Faulkner any day of the week. And Marja is just fine, just the way she is. :-)

  4. For me poetry has to make a connection - sometimes an image or sometimes an abstract thought or a feeling I resonate with. And some poems make no obvious sense - yet have a truth and beauty that cannot be described.

    And - personally - I don't think you need to explain poetry. Like all art - the meaning comes from an individual's perception. When I write poems I love it if someone 'gets' what I was trying to say, but also I have been pleasantly surprised by interpretations I had never thought of. It's all good.

    I love the poems of Sylvia Plath - have you read any of hers? I also love Mary Oliver.

    When it comes to language - I marvel at you because you are thinking in Dutch (I suppose) and speaking in English - so no wonder you sometimes grope for a word. I do it too - but in my case it is just old age!!!

  5. Marja I would never have guessed you had Dysnomia.
    Having met you and being a regular reader of your blog, as Annie said you have adapted to it very well.

    So carry on Marja we love you exactly the way you are.

    Big hugs
    Peggy xxx

  6. Thank you dear Annie Dysnomia is hardly ever diagnosed because it is known only by speech and language therapist and a few others. I went to so many talks about learning disabilites and read heaps of books that I am quite familiar wth it.

  7. Thanks for the suggestion I will check it out. I don't know a lot of poets and never read much beyond the poetry of the bloggers.
    About dysnomia I am happy that is doesn't show I am very well able
    to have a normal conversation and I do think in english only not when I speak to dutch people. I do use the excuse a lot though that
    english is my second language when I have a bad day

  8. Thanks dear peggie adapted yes and also I improved a lot Just as somebody who is bad in music takes heaps more time and effort to learn an instrument for example than others. they stil can reach a reasonable quality
    Thanks for your nice words

  9. I agree that sometimes we need to NOT be told everything so we can draw our own conclusions. But I'm a very literal person, so I need to be told all the facts.
    What you do is great, Marja. And I'm glad you share with us so much of yourself.

  10. Because talking isn't an automatic process for me it requires a lot of effort...

    I have a moderate speech impediment that drives me crazy, especially when I see the person I am talking to attention start to drift.

  11. Hi! Marja,

    Missing the theme doesnt means that its a bad poem, maybe the intellctual levels are different, but then, it becomes easier if there is an intro, even if one doesnt get to ur theme, they are guided to ur thoughts, sometimes the reader may even coe up with a different theme too :)

  12. how can we see what others see...possibly sometimes, not always but enough to know it is understood... how can we show the way when one is blind and cannot hear what they see...


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