Sunday, 30 May 2010

Is respect earned?

Does respect have to be earned? Yes and no. In the first place everybody has a basic right to be respected as a human being. It is a persons right to have their own thoughts and visions. By listening to somebody without interrupting and taking somebodies feelings into account, we respect that person.
There is also respect which is earned by people because of what they have done or what they have become.
People in authority are often respected but be aware. Sometimes this respect is cause by fear of repercussions. Also people in authority loose their respect quickly if they don't respect the person they are dealing with.
This means respect is given by somebody to somebody. Sometimes you give respect to certain qualities in people while other give respect to other qualities.
Osho says in the quote underneath that respect is given

"A friend of mine said he lost all respect for me. He wrote me a letter telling me how much he lost his respect for me since I became so outspoken on sexual matters. I wish to say to this friend. My friend. I did not ask for your respect but you gave it anyway so the error is yours. Now you found the error and you corrected it. That is good. I am glad for you." Osho


  1. Wow. I could not agree more with these sentiments, Marja. What sort of friendship can be based on such extreme self-censorship?

  2. I am sorry to hear about this, I hope things get better between you two.

  3. lol no worry guys I should have explained It is a quote about respect Respect is not owned but given that is what osho wants to say


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