Friday, 3 June 2011

It's not over yet

Christchurch has changed. Lots of residents and workplaces still don't have a place of their own. They are still in the process of demolishing buildings. The tallest building on this picture is the Hotel Grand Chancellor and a phased demolition of this Hotel is going to be started soon. It is going to take up to a year. The reason it takes so long is to reduce risk to neighbouring buildings.  The school of my children is not far from this building so it will take that time or longer for them to get back too. They share a school now and that works. Less resources but they are moving forwards. At my work we also sharing with another business as they have nowhere to go. In the area were we are were lots of empty offices last year. Everything is filled up there is nothing left in the city.

Furthermore it's not over yet. We are still experiencing aftershocks. The ground has become more fluid as well. When a truck drives past our house we all move a bit and in many places it is worse. There are signs in the streets to plead truck and bus drivers to slow down as houses are crumbling and sliding.

The people here are tough though and all work hard to move forwards , but just as our nerves started to settle again a little bit we got the following news last week. GNS science who update the Geonet website have made the folowing predictions. There is a23% change of a 6 to 7 magnitude quake in the next 12 months and a 90 % change of a 5 to 6 magnitude earthquake.You can find some further interesting information about the fault lines revealed at Fi's blog. No it's not over yet.

On a personal note. Life is still good. My new job is hard work but I love it. My family is well. Life is good too us We are saving up now for a trip to Holland. Probably in dutch spring next year when it is a bit warmer. I look forward to meeting my family and my roots. As a warming up exercise I already sang along loudly with this dutch song to get in the mood.

        Tot ziens Holland, marja


  1. I am pleaszed to see you so happy. Enjoy the trip home, and keep smiling.

  2. Will say a prayer that the earth decides to give us humans a break. Dear Lord we have had enough earthquakes to last a century.

    On a side note, read a recent report a couple of months ago that the state of Nevada was going through "swarms" of small earthquakes that had the United States Geolgical Service was keeping a close eye on.

  3. Hi Marja,

    It's sort of sad to see that tall building and know that a year from now it will be gone. It must be very discouraging to keep moving forward knowing that all the work may be for nothing in another 12 months. But that is what we humans do. We join up together; we help each other; we make it all work. If nature gets in another smackdown with you, well, you'll just pick yourselves up yet again.

  4. Looking on Geonet I am pleased to see that you have had no shakes since Wednesday, but as my daughter says 'don't get too complacent'. A holiday, that is something to look forward to and the planning is the exciting part. My daughter says that the Christchurch city we knew has all gone or will be, like the Cashell Mall. We are hoping to come to Christchurch in February (new baby due) and maybe we could meet up.

  5. Would love to meet up with you next year lusks. Send me an email towards that time. Mine is on the sidebar

  6. As depressing as the inner city feels, I feel lucky that most of my life is reasonably normal - work and hanging out with friends - and we have a home still - all keep me sane. Worry about others who are still struggling with the insurance and rehoming and all. We are down to one income, but we will be ok - there is some part time work for him and things will improve eventually - :) Gad you are enjoying your job.

  7. Such a positive attitude, Marja!

    Good for you.

    (Everything good for you!)

    Love ya,


  8. Hi Fi Sorry To hear about your husband Good he found some pat ime work. It is nog easy when you have to sit at home. You are right Many people are stil strugling and that is a worry. I really hope the best for them

  9. Marja rebuilding the city centre will prove a huge challenge especially with the constant aftershocks that continue to rattle both building and nerves.

    But the spirit is there and has not been broken. I am in awe of your resilience and the people who have chosen to stay.
    I know there will be a new and stronger city rising out of the ruins.

    I enjoyed listening and watching the youtube you posted. He certainly had the audience in the palm of his hands.

    Keep shining dear friend as you are such a bright light.

    Big heart hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

  10. It's just such a different feeling when you read this on a blog or in a Newspaper. I feel more touched and concerned. I am glad for you that it went quiet well. My son lives in Amsterdam and his girlfriend is Dutch !

  11. Marja, I am so glad you and your family are well and do hope your town of Christchurch will see better times. I was raised in California with earthquakes but never experienced this kind of destruction. The Dutch song is beautiful and although I do not know the language, music is universal and I felt it through and through. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Yes, I agree it's very different reading this on blogs. More personal and touching; more real somehow. I love your positive attitude when you talk of how life if good to you, that's beautiful.


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