Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gay marriage allowed in NZ

NZ has become the 13th country in the world where gay marriage is legalised. I am from the country which was the first in the world. I am proud of it. I lived in Holland for 37 years and part of my experience of being Dutch is being tolerant.
Thanks to the tolerance and open mindedness of the Dutch Holland flourished in business for centuries.
There is considerable discussion going on if the Dutch are still being tolerant today, but that's a different story.
Being tolerant is not the easiest way of living.
Everyone has their own beliefs, perceptions and values. Being an immigrant I know how difficult it is to experience that what was once your "truth" suddenly isn't true anymore because of different cultural values. It is threatening when other people have other and sometimes opposing beliefs.
Threatening towards who you are and what you belief in. It can rock your beliefs. You don't feel accepted or understood. Don't you feel more one with someone who thinks alike. We  might be afraid of what is different.

However If we don't challenge our beliefs or if we never listen to other ways of thinking or accept other ways of living there would be no room for growth. Did you never get the aha moment when you listened to others and started to see things from a different perspective and were able to adjust your opinion. You might need some courage for that as you have to admit that you made a mistake or you were to quick with stating an opinion. It also might make you feel less in control. Sometimes you realise that there might be more than one truth depending on your perception or depending from which angle you look at things.

Being open minded can also mean respecting that other people have just as much the right to live their lives in their way as you do. It is necessary in creating peace by starting to understand our differences.

You don't have to agree with everything but you could start seeing others who are different with exploring new countries. When you go on holiday to a foreign country you don't think "it's different, therefore I don't like it". No people enjoy the out of the ordinary.

I'll try the best I can to be tolerant of other peoples way of living and believing. Live and let live! I do have limits and that is when other peoples ways and beliefs are harm full to others than I become intolerant.
I don't see gay marriage as harm full at all to others. So congratulations to them for being accepted. This NZ politician doesn't think so either. I love his speech and sense of humor.


  1. However If we don't challenge our beliefs or if we never listen to other ways of thinking or accept other ways of living there would be no room for growth.


  2. Just finished the entire video. You have a member of parliament who has a degree in physics! An actual intelligent person trained in science serving as an elected official!

    If such a thing spreads it will be the end of the Western democratic world.

    For those who may not understand, the United States is essentially ruled by a cadre of second-rate attorneys who could not find work in some high-powered law firm.

  3. Good they can marry in NZ too. I missed that in our news.

  4. I listened to the speech – it is funny, witty, intelligent. Unfortunately we won’t hear anything like this in the US – they are not too intelligent but mostly they are scared of the vocal extremist minority – not courage in any of them. There are tolerant people in the US but a minority of extreme Christian want to impose their will on the rest of the country, and so far they have been successful. I don’t understand it because when I became a citizen I learned that there is a “separation of church and state” here – so how can the super religious force their beliefs on a neutral (non religious) country? – but such it is. Congratulations to New Zealand – you should be proud.

  5. You must feel proud of coming from the first country to pass this law, Marja. I've always admired the Dutch for their broad-mindedness - I travelled through Holland in the 60s and felt at home there.

  6. Hi Marja .. I couldn't agree more - we're all humans and deserve the life we feel we would like to have, without bigoted others ..

    Cheers - you are so right .. Hilary

  7. Really loved this video!

    Here in Sweden, the people are tolerant too and we have gay marriage.

    Hurray for tolerance!

  8. o yes it was on the news here too.....
    how do you think of all commotion about queen and king?

  9. My friend Lilly posted this video also on her blog.
    What a fantastic speech!
    I didn't realise Holland was the first country to legalise gay marriage.

    Bravo to Holland and New Zealand and the other 11 countries. I hope Australia will be next.

    Much love
    Peggy xxxxx

  10. Well done NZ you are not only 3 hours ahead but way ahead of us in Oz.

  11. Not sure when you started posting again but I have missed visiting your site. Thank you for your acceptance of others for it is a person like yourself that holds others in your hearts and tries to understand that makes it easier for many people. I have a partner for 15yrs now (was married for 20)and have children and grandchildren but my life is full like it has never been. I will not marry again in any case but for those who wish to it should be an option open to them. Again, thank you.


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