Thursday, 5 October 2017

Mokihinui on the West coast of New Zealand

Half of September we went to the West Coast to Mokihinui a tiny place at the mouth of the majestic Mokihinui river. We stayed there thanks to a generous soul. There are a few batches and a camping ground and a common pastime is white baiting. Whitebait are small freshwater fish that are tender and edibleA few km up the river is Seddonville. Close to Seddonville are beautiful tracks which lead into Kahurangi National Park. 

The magnificence of it all is the wildness, the dense rain forest, waterfalls, the wild sea. A place were you feel completely relaxed. When you come to New Zealand, you must have been to the West-coast

The video made by Google photos shows our trip over there over Athurs Pass which goes through the Southern Alps. You see on this trip shingle-filled riverbeds between snow capped mountains If you click on the video and than on square on the right side , you can view it on full screen

Mokihinui beach with parts of a ship wreck

The beautiful beach in Mokihinui

Close to Mohikinui is Millerton, a township in the mountains where about 30 to 40 people live. Close to it is Stockton which has a working coal mine. On the way there you pass this spectacular waterfall. As you see it was pouring down that day

We found a road towards the top of the waterfall 

Huge carving

A waterfall wild and murky because of the rainfall at the beginning of the track near Seddonville

Old coal mine along the track There was coal laying at the side of the path

Yes I was there but if you look good I am there in the future William got the year wrong lol


  1. Hope you don't mind but the first waterfall picture is now the background picture on my laptop. Very peaceful.

    1. Happy you enjoy Beach There is a lot of rain on the picture though :)

  2. Nature at its best, and the carving is very impressive!

  3. Oh Marja what a wonderful trip.. Those mountains and waterfalls just stunningly beautiful.. And Lol.. you projected into the future lol.. :-) Love that photo of you too.. You all looked like you had fun and you look very happy..
    Sending Tons of love.. Enjoy your Spring.. Love and Peace to you Marja xxx
    Sue xx

  4. Oh, my kind of outing - the beach is so vast! Am a lover of waterfalls. Wood carving I haven't gotten into yet, but would like to. Funny that you were there in the future!

  5. What a wonderful part of the country! I love the falls and that carving is awesome!

  6. Fabulous pictures of what clearly is a wonderful area. Don't have a favorite - love 'em all!

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  7. Oh wow! How beautiful your country is! I wish I could go there!

  8. New Zealand is a very photogenic place, Marja. I've always enjoyed going there and I hope to visit again soon.
    Thanks for joining the Travel Tuesday meme.

    1. If you come in Christchurch let me know than I will show you around


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