Monday, 9 October 2017

When sheep sleep

and sometimes I am just plain angry

We met up with friends in the weekend and were getting all hyped up as green and clean (Ugh , ugh) gorgeous New Zealand has most of its sheep replaced by cows, who have  together with all citizens and industry, destroyed all rivers and lakes and soil.

We started talking about guns and we got even more fired up. So I had to pour that in a poem and if anyone feels the need to be defensive especially about the guns than I've got a video for you here. Watch it, and be defensive somewhere else. Excuse moi I don't have time nor tolerance for it. There! I've spoken

When the sheep sleep

Like soldiers we march through life
left, right, left, right, following commands
from invisible forces lingering everywhere.
Whispers intruding, invading the mind
Be rich, be beautiful, listen to instructions
on your gadgets, get hypnotised, mobilised,
like sheep to the slaughter
be, be, beh bah, dead-silence

The greedy wolf needs you, to feed on
need the poor to prop up the wealth
need pawns to sacrifice in their game
need prey to pay for their produce
need sheep who sleep and follow
which one is you?

Sometimes sheep look up
to witness potshots tearing down civility,
tears trickle in disbelieve, tears touch
but the multi-billion-dollar industry
is prerequisite to build power and palaces
The voices linger everywhere
Buy guns loaded with hate,
be afraid, be prepared, to attack, to protect
be, be, beh, bah, dead-silence

Sometimes sheep look up
gazing into cash cows eyes, their waste
piercing earth's halo and fester earth's veins
but the multi-billion-dollar industry
is prerequisite to build power and palaces
The voices linger everywhere
Buy, borrow, consume and groom
delight in deceit, just buy and eat
Be, be, beh, bah, dead-silence

And when the sheep sleep
the truth breaks the silence
the shepherd cries as the wolfs howl
Wandering our world, painted black
he lifts the veil to lead his sheep
into light,onto velvet, weed free pastures
He calls, will they follow?


  1. Oh, Marja, this is a favorite of the poems you have written! It is written with such strong feelings. There are wolves howling everywhere. And civility is being torn down everywhere. Too many people marching left, right, left, right. Where will it end. I feel bad about the sheep, Marja. It just isn't right at all!! So much in this world is changing in the wrong direction. But wow - what a poem!!!!

  2. I like "when the sheep sleep" and the refrain Be, be, beh, bah, dead-silence.

  3. Powerful writing........the sheep are beginning to awaken. But the multinationals own everything, we stayed asleep too long. Powerful writing, Marja. Well done.

  4. I certainly wouldn't argue with you on this!

  5. sheep turning into cash cows.. beautifully imagined and powerfully rendered.

  6. Cash cows, sleeping sheep, howling wolves: and the shepherd.. powerfully written

  7. Hi Marja - we certainly need to wake from our sleep ... sadly we tend to just go back into our own little world where we hold sway ... we need to awaken for the common good ... brilliantly written poem - well done - Hilary

  8. Your poem depicts a sad reality and it conveys a somewhat militant message: awaken people and stop being obedient sheep! I like that sort of activist writing that calls for awareness and action.

  9. Oh the metaphor of being sheep... to be waiting for the slaughterhouse... compliant kind, it doesn't matter. At the end we are just balance sheet numbers... and when we can't consume we are led to be slaughter.

  10. tears trickle in disbelieve, tears touch
    but the multi-billion-dollar industry
    is prerequisite to build power and palaces

    Such a tragedy to witness how the seemingly docile sheep industry to be supporting big business in their quest for power and gain! Brilliant write Marja!


  11. We are all so focused on me and mine there is no thinking about the greater picture.


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