Friday, 22 July 2022

Magic sunset

Magic sunset

One day the light laid itself to rest
It dropped and lit up the cliffs
It sank and set the trees alight
Red rubies clung to the twigs

Mountains copied themselves
into the lake to enhance
the magic of the sunset
It entered my dream 
to strip down and scatter
the wicked walls of life
till the clocks chimed in colour

A ribbon rose above the mountains
the colour of a ripened grape
the sun bled red velvet
oozing into every crease in the sky
My heart was touched tenderly
when my eyes drank in the beauty
when the night sky talked with 
the vibrant voice of a cello
with low longing tones
about the ultimate show 

When the black curtain fell
the moon fondly played
with frayed clouds
while a thousand stars
danced el flamenco del amor
alrededor de la luna
but I spoke a different 
language in my deep sleep
while this night show ran


  1. Lovely description, red rubies and ribbons. Oh, yes.

  2. There's magic in both your pictures. I would repeat your perfect: words "my heart was touched, my eyes drank in the beauty".

  3. I love, love, love that line about mountains copying themselves into the lake. Wonde-full!

  4. Such a brilliant poem! I love your evocative descriptions.

  5. Mountains copied themselves - one of the many terrific images in your poem!

  6. Beautifully descriptive poem. I liked all the music in it

  7. WOW my friend, what a glorious poem. Your words and photos touched my heart.
    Peggy xxxxxx

  8. I would like to see the sunset that you described so tenderly and lovingly in your poem.
    "Red rubies cling to the twigs" is just so magical.

  9. Simply beautiful and wonderfully descriptive. Well done Marja.

  10. Stunning poem Marja - so enticing and so realistic at times of life ... how often we melt into another world occasionally - your lines:

    My heart was touched tenderly
    when my eyes drank in the beauty

    Really delightful to read - I so enjoyed it ... you craft so cleverly - cheers Hilary

  11. I love the beauty this poem spills into the world. And I adore the last stanza. It put me in mind of Federico García Lorca's poetry--delicious.

  12. "A ribbon rose above the mountains the colour of a ripened grape … " such a descriptive line that I wanted to grasp it and fly.

  13. This is such a beautiful poem Maja... Oh to see those mountains and sunsets my friend.... You certainly have a wonderful way with words Sorry its taken me an age to get here.... Sending you loads of love and I really enjoyed your visit too...
    Much love Marja... <3 Here's to more beauty in the world <3

  14. Beautiful colours and words.

  15. You haven't lost your touch my friend for writing great poetry and taking wonderful photos. If you can spare some time would love to read another poem. Lots of love. Peggy xxx


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