Thursday 22 June 2023

The Salt Path

 Magaly from Poets and storytellers United invited us to write poetry which includes the complete title of one of our favorite books.

When I was in the Netherlands recently I was given a copy of The Salt Path written by Raynor Winn and it became my favourite. 

It is a true story about Raynor and her husband Moth. Moth was diagnosed with an incurable degenerative brain disease. At the same time, Raynor and Moth lost their home and farm and decided to walk England’s Southwest Coast path. The story is about incredible courage and  resilience and love for nature. It is beautifully written.

The poem not only contains the title but is about the book

The Salt Path

Soft from salty tears
cried by the sea
bursting out from
raw and raging waves

as two people walk 
with ragged hearts
and shredded lives
suffering in silence

The sea casts a spell
sings a song of survival
a lullaby to lessen
the aches and the agony

Seeds are scattered
New shoots of life
show power and strength
after burying the worry

A path leading to new places
where plans are made
under a horizon of hues
of hope and happiness

healing the heart
in rugged nature
to fly in freedom
with wings of wildness


  1. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful book! (I'll be looking for it myself, now.) And your poem is a wonderful evocation of the healing power of that couple's undertaking.

    1. You won't regret it I started today on her second book The Wild silence Seems to be even better

  2. Incredible.. I googled the route and there is some stunning scenery. A beautiful place to find solace and healing, if that is possible. Thanks for recommending the book.

  3. Marvelous poem!
    As I understand it, it's about the healing power of the Sea salt and Nature seeds. The salty path created by the sea, and sprinkled with nature's seeds - saved the life of the two suffering people who tried to escape their former rugged place.

  4. The poem almost takes to the sky like a seabird looking down on the scene.

  5. This sounds like a very inspiring read, Marja, and your words are a testament to its strength of purpose. It's a wonder that our tears are salty like the ocean.

  6. The "rugged nature" has many lessons for us. My young life was spent a lot playing along the wooded creek at the end of our pasture. My dog came with me, also my younger sister when she was old enough.

  7. A new book to read! To suggest to my Book Club! Your poem is gorgeous, and as Penelope says, inspiring!!!

  8. A beautiful compassionate poem

  9. Your last paragraph sums the book up beautifully Marja. Now to find the book amongst the thousands we have at the upcoming Lifellne Bookfair. Thanks for the recommendation my friend. Take care Peggy xxx

  10. Oh the book seems wonderful, your poetic description makes it a must read , beautifully written

  11. Hi Marja - she's had rave comments/reviews here for a few years now - I think they're going to be doing some opera ... certainly thinking out of the box - albeit she's got other books out and on the go. Delighted to see it's been translated for you. Your poem is delightful ... the sea and the path looking over at it ... cheers Hilary

  12. It seems like an incredible and inspiring book.

  13. The Salt Path evokes such picturesque visuals. The balance of Salt and Sugar is crucial for our body, our well being. Salt and Sugar can also be metaphorically speaking signify sorrow and happiness. A reasonable amalgamation of both is necessary for life too to make us understand the value of each little thing we get and not get in life.

  14. Love the ending so much--the hope, the promise...


Thank you!!