Thursday 27 July 2023

My Pleasure

Rosemary from Poets and Storytellers United asked us to answer the question:

What pleases you?

My pleasure 🙏

My two left hands are not helping hands
I won’t cook or knit for you
I will learn, laugh and sit with you

It pleases me when I am able
with a smile and some silliness
to create a cocoon in your heart
from which a thousand butterflies
rise and sour in joy and your sorrow
becomes a distant cloud for now

It pleases me when I am able
to help you take a step 
in the direction of your dreams
or gently weave a silver strand
into your tapestry of knowledge
or alter it to create new colours

It pleases me to hold your hand
to listen and find the pages
which are written in your soul
where your poetry resides
with lines about your strength 
and your beauty ingrained inside 

Arohanui 💖


  1. You said it beautifully, Marja. To give and receive compassion is, indeed, the gift of life.

  2. I'm with you , Marja. What pleases me is help relieve someone's sorrow, help one fulfil his dreams, enlarge his knowledge of things, find one's strength and beauty within one's soul.
    Your poem, Marja, is good poetry!

  3. Learn, laugh and sit with you... absolutely!! Pretty much says it all!!!

  4. Togetherness is the greatest pleasure.

  5. I love the two left hands part. You remind me of Fredrick the poet mouse in the book by Leo Lionni. I'm a Fredrick too.

  6. If your poems can make someone smile then that is a gift.

  7. Your poem is gorgeous and resonates .. deeply. We all need a friend like you.

  8. Your middle name sounds like it might be "Help" except for manual stuff using the hands. A nice write. BTW, I am almost ambidextrous, I use both hands interchangeably for a lot of tasks. I drink using either hand, I use both when filling my med daily doses for the week container, etc.

  9. This is beautiful. I love what it says about relationships in general and about the narrator in particular. It's wonderful to read that someone's life is made better by the act of bettering the life of another. This pleases me.

  10. It pleases me to call you my friend Marja. Beautiful poem. Keep shining my dear friend. Biggest hugs Peggy xxxx

  11. "gently weave a silver strand
    into your tapestry of knowledge"

    What lovely lines in this poem, Marja!


Thank you!!