Friday 11 August 2023

A seed in the shadow


A seed in the shadow

Why do I cry for the one who
lives his problems but not his solutions
A veil of fear blinding his sight
his feet stumbling in the dark
invitations to the light unopened

A loved one is lost in the forest of life
What will unmask my smile?
The day he will find his way
The day he doesn’t have to look 
for the snake in the grass anymore

I have learned to strengthen my soul
and swallow the sun to pass on the warmth
to the seeds failing to germinate
They are in need as they don't realise
they were always complete


  1. swallow the sun to pass on the warmth
    to the seeds ... this is so evocative!

  2. I really like that last verse. A lot don't reach this in their lives, of having completion in their lives without attaining a more acclaimed goal that they originally sought. An additional common blessing is also felt by a donor of time, love and resources towards the veering attainment.
    Well written in a "big word" composition.

  3. Yes, so movingly said, even a dormant seed needs someone willing to be the water and sun to their possibilities.

  4. Ah. So much potential in a seed. I wished he'd dropped those bread crumbs.

  5. "to swallow the sun" and then spread the benefits is the best of gifts. Particularly if the sharing is done with those who believe the world to be all darkness. It's great to that spark of light, that sip of warmth...

  6. Wise words, indeed. Your post holds much truth within and between its lines. ♥

  7. many are lost in the dark forest of needs to find the glimmers of hope and loveliness.

  8. I resonate with you .... a fault with empaths to worry for others...someday everyone will be happy.

  9. Your poem is a beautiful reminder of the positive power that lies in healing.

  10. One reason why everyone's not solving all their problems with popular psychology's ideas just may be that that's not the solution to their problems. Nice if popular psychology does work. Sometimes it does!

    1. I think a positive outlook gives me a shield against any dratted snake in the grass - or even my Ada on the warpath. :-)

  11. You had me from the opening lines, and the ending was beautifully written.


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