Friday 9 February 2024

My camera

Rommy from Poets and storytellers United asked us to write about your favorite modern convenience or invention

I love my computer but the most I love my camera Doesn't matter if its the camera on my phone or my other camera. I love taking pictures

My camera

My camera is holding its breath
while a blank canvas invites me
to scan the horizon for beauty
This equipment taught me to see
Impressions woven with strings of light
Raindrops clinging to a cobweb
the sun setting the sky alight at night
or stolen glances on shadowy streets
Poetry of images to be etched in pixels
Moments analysed and immortalised
I push the button and create memory 
on the magic carpet of time
sculptured in colours
A disclosure of a depth of feeling
A signature of a shutterbug


  1. I love how easy a phone camera makes it! My favourite camera quote, of which your poem reminds me, is 'A camera is an instrument which enables you to see better without it.' You have given us a lovely list of those things which are seen.

  2. I agree - it does teach one to see better... the details you see when you zoom in and the angle of the light- the world becomes different. For me, taking pictures of birds changed everything I thought about them....

  3. I love it how you can write poetry on the modern camera

  4. Hi Marja - I'm glad William is recovering ... this Covid is a 'nuisance'. Rosemary says it clearly ... a lovely poem - and it must bring you much delight. Cheers Hilary

  5. Anything that helps us appreciate the beauty of the world more is a magical thing. After reading your poem, I feel like everyone ought to have at least one class in photography while in school.

  6. I love taking pictures too. I like the camera holding its breath.... capturing raindrops in a cobweb :) Sadly, I'm without one currently. I suppose I should get smart and get a smart phone. They take great pics.

  7. Yes. One can paint things like raindrops clinging to a cobweb, but, without cameras, would anyone have even tried?

    (Priscilla King)

  8. Years and years ago in the late 80s I had a Nikon F4 ~~ Those were the days. I no longer have it. Your beautifully composed poetry brought back a flood of memories. Quite clearly.

  9. Ha, ik ben het helemaal met je eens wat je favoriete uitvinding betreft!

  10. Signature of a shutterbug....Ha....nice one !....Rall

  11. I used to carry a camera around, when taking (and posting) pictures everywhere wasn't the cool thing to do. There is such pleasure in capturing wee glimpses of life as they happen, as they grow, as they bend the light and play with shadow... Camaras are magic we picture.

  12. One scene can look so very different with the photographer taking the picture.


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