Friday 16 February 2024

Souring secrets

Rosemary from Poets and storytellers United asked us to write about telling secrets.  I used to have many. They were the secrets of my mind. But I can say I can't think of any secrets I still have.

Soaring secrets

Secrets were dropped in the drawer of my mind
I couldn’t trust them to the birds of the world
who wanted to eat and spit out these seeds of my soul
In a dark and confined space they were safe

But these secrets longed for freedom
so what a treasure it was to drop my mask
to let out the parts that belong to me but not
to society as these parts were regarded bad or mad

Now I am older I release them every day
I pour my heart out, shout, dance and sound out
that I belong more and soar on a dozen wings
so dance with me and be the beauty and the beast

Marja Blom


  1. Now I am older I release them every day - can totally relate to that... now I don't care to keep things that I may have hesitated to tell before...age definitely plays into that! And it really is cathartic!

  2. I wish I could do that. Once or twice I have and while it was a very careful judgement by me, it was a good thing to do. I won't make a habit of it though.

  3. Sad that when young we can feel so repressed, but how good that as we get older we learn to be free. I love the way you have expressed this.

  4. I like the idea of getting rid of the mask that hides our secrets. It finally frees us as individuals.

  5. You put it beautifully. There is a greater freedom to clean out the inside of those drawers and expose our deepest thoughts we might have thought too risky to tell in youth.

  6. How very wise, your thoughtful poem. At eighty-two I believe there may be no more shameful secrets to share. Unburdening feels heavenly whether to ourselves, loved ones, a religious or a therapist.

  7. Some things one might be punished for saying when young are perfectly all right to say when one is older. Especially Romantic Love--still needs to be kept a secret if we want to hear it from the men, but fine to proclaim to the world after a few years of marriage.

    (Priscilla King)

  8. One of the few benefits of age....not having to keep up an image and the accompanying secrets. One can be mad and bad:) ...Rall

  9. I'm with you almost, I only have maybe a couple that I will NEVER release.
    Aging now, yes, it has too much else to worry about to be having new secrets.

  10. I believe I once had secrets that are now forgotten. Secrets die with me, which is maybe as it should be.

  11. The movement from the drawers to soaring is excellent.

    I also really dig this line: spit out these seeds of my soul - very cool image.

  12. I've been cleaning the psyche's house as well. What a relief.

  13. Lovely writing. interesting topic too.

  14. Hi Marja - beautifully expressed ... such a relief for us all - better to be true to ourselves. Thanks - cheers Hilary


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